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Update by user Jun 27, 2014

Any one interested to contribute to having this health, hygiene issue closed please fill the small poll on this issue by clicking on the below Facebook Link.


I plan to share the poll results on FB, Twitter, with the company and on some consumer forums.

Original review posted by user Jun 27, 2014

A hair was found in a cookie of ITC Sunfeast Farmlite purchased from a local store. The matter has been raised on Facebook and Twitter but the company hasn't shown any seriousness.

They just want to recover the cookie sample without doing anything about replacement, recall of the cookie batch or sending alerts to their dealers on the cookies. As this is a serious breach.

Who knows what else could be in some other packets. The matter needs to be investigated seriously by the company or Government and a resolution must be made with quality and hygiene systems checked and corrected!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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A hair? OMG

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